Haven’t really been doing much shooting lately because I wasn’t feeling inspired… but thankfully, some inspiration has come my way! I’m trying to take my photography into a new direction. Fine Art Portraiture is now my goal. This doesn’t mean I’m not shooting my normal stuff as well, it just means that I want to focus more on the fine art side of things. I’ve always loved dreams, and ” other worlds” and that is what I want to focus on with this kind of photography. My life isn’t where I planed on it being by this time, but who’s is really? I feel like when I shoot images of other worlds, create and make characters I’m free and releasing some stress. I have a lot of work to do, as this kind of photography requires a lot of thinking, coming up with concepts, and a lot of photoshop skill which I’m working on.

This image has a lot of what I’ve been thinking about lately, you won’t see it so much in the image when you look at it, but you will after the explanation. I live in a small town, a lot of farm land, nothing to do all my friends moved away or got married or had kids and never have time anymore. I’ve been pretty bored and photography is what I do. I work in a factory driving forklift and can’t stand it, but it’s all there is here if you don’t have a diploma in something, so it’s what I do for cash to live. Simply put, I want out of here, but I don’t know how to get out… I don’t know where I’d want to move and I hear from everyone that there’s no work out there that pays what I’m getting where I am, so time passes on and on and I just stay where I am, doing the same thing over and over.
SOME DAY I”LL FLY AWAY is the title of this image, and I believe it’s true. One day I will get so sick of being here, that I will just take off somewhere and try something new.


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© Kevin Vyse Photography  All rights reserved 2013
© Kevin Vyse Photography
All rights reserved 2013



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