I’ve started a new series on my facebook page which you can find at:

It’s called: THE NOCTURNAL MIND, and it’s all about my world of dreams. Basically what i’m doing is taking some of the dreams i’ve been having lately, writing them down so I don’t forget, then picking a frame from the dream to bring to life through photography with a write up of the dream. here’s the first two i’ve done this far:

© Kevin Vyse photographyAll rights reserved 2013
© Kevin Vyse photography
All rights reserved 2013

Checking the mirror, who’s following me? I can’t see who it is but I better floor it. Hard right turn, they follow, flying through a red light, they fly through too…. I’m in trouble.

That feeling when you’re being chased is one of the worst dreams you can have in my books. Your hearts racing, you know you’re in trouble and there’s nothing you can do but run… or in this case, drive.

Out of the darkness my body appeared in my car on a street in a town i’ve never seen with brick roads. I’m driving alone and out of no where a black BMW with black rims and black windows shoots out from a side street. They floor it and get right on my bumper almost driving me off of the road. My face stays calm and I glance in the mirror trying to see who is following me, but I can’t see because of the black windows. High beams from the BMW blast on and off temporarily blinding me. I make a few turns and see that they are following me.

People are running and jumping out of the way as we weave in and out of traffic on narrow streets. ” What did I do?, who did I piss off?, how am I going to get out of this mess?” these are the only thoughts that were flying through my head, yet I couldn’t come up with any answers. Pedal to the metal was the only chance I had to escape, so thats exactly what I did.
BANG BANG BANG… SMASH!!! my tail light was blown out by a handgun poking out of the sun roof of the mystery BMW. I check the car to see if there was a gun, but no such luck.

“I’m gaining some distance on them, maybe I can take a side alley and lose them.”

A hard left is made as the tires screech and the e-brake is pulled. I slide hard around the corner into this alley. Just as I had hoped the BMW fly’s by not knowing where I had disappeared. A glitch in my brain makes the picture blurry… I don’t know whats going on, it’s a weird feeling. The alley starts to lose colour and texture… the brick walls begin to crumble as the buildings start to fall around me. A few minuets go by and next thing I know, I’m laying in bed hearing birds chirp outside of my window. I’m awake.

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©Kevin Vyse PhotographyAll rights reserved 2013
©Kevin Vyse Photography
All rights reserved 2013


As night fall sets in, I feel the sand bags of a long day pulling my eye lids shut. With each “tic tock” of the second hand on the clock my breath slows and I slip into a deep slumber. Eye’s twitching, mind wandering what will tonight bring?


Darkness gives way and a picture begins to form. Deep in my own mind I find myself walking down a grassy hill. A cool wind blows, it’s spring, there is still some snow on the ground but it’s sunny. Just over my shoulder, an old, bare dead tree hangs, looming as the whistling wind blows through its vacant branches. A quite “squish” sounds as I step through the cold, wet lifeless grass with every step.


” Where am I ?, Where am I going? How did I get here? ” are the thoughts flying around my head. This long walk is going no where, it seems like I’ve been walking for hours but the scene never changes. A non-stop view of a grassy hill and an old dead tree over and over again with every step I take.


Slowly the sound of the wet grass beneath my boots starts to fade away as the ground begins to darken and slowly disappear with every step. A black horizon line is all I can see, the tree fades away, the cold wind stops, i’m left in a world of dark nothingness. Just as fast as the darkness turned into a new world when I fell asleep, my mind takes this world away and places me back in darkness. Shortly after, I feel my eyes begin to open… “is this real, or is this another start to another dream?”. Back to reality, i’m awake.


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